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Ability to Handle:

  • • Temperature Fluctuations
  • • Fungus
  • • Bacteria
  • • Water
  • • Ozone
  • • A Variety of Chemicals


  • • Electronic
  • • Automotive
  • • Medical
  • • Food Handling
  • • Construction



Silicone rubber sheets do an excellent job of resisting temperature and weather. Silicone sheeting can handle just about anything: heat, cold, fungus, bacteria, water, ozone, and a variety of chemicals. Flourosilicone, for example, has a high resistance to oil and fuels. Because it can handle an extreme range of temperatures, silicone sheeting is much more versatile than other synthetic blends.

A great number of industries depend on silicone sheets for electronic, automotive, medical, food handling, and construction applications. Because silicone sheeting can handle extremes of heat, cold, and weather, it is used for many indoor/outdoor applications.

Silicone rubber sheets can be found in peroxide-free, low volatile styles for food service applications. These sheets are also commonly used by manufacturers of seals and gaskets. One can even find thermally conductive silicone sheets that conduct electricity at low amperage and protect against electrostatic discharge.

If you require high strength and temperature resistance, you may need polyester, fiberglass, cotton inserted silicone rubber sheeting. Some silicone rubber sheets can handle operating temperatures of up to 600° F.

If you are using silicone rubber sheeting for flooring applications, you may want to choose sheets with raised bumps for a non-slip, anti-skid surface. If visibility is a factor, you can choose translucent and even transparent silicone sheeting.

Silicone sheets are available in many styles and thicknesses to suit a myriad of applications. In addition to general-purpose silicone sheeting, you can also choose reinforced silicone, medical grade, FDA-approved, fluorosilicone, conductive, insulative, and spec-grade silicone sheets.

Hoffmeyer's trusted and knowledgeable customer support staff is the best in the business. With over 90 years of experience, Hoffmeyer can help you find exactly the silicone rubber sheeting you need for your application. We can also suggest accessories, adaptors, and other parts to ensure your processes run smoothly and safely. Contact us today!