We keep your products moving!
We keep your products moving!

Molded & Extruded

Molded & Extruded

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  • • Custom-Created
  • • Reduce Shock & Vibrations


Extruded Rubber:

    • • Washers & Seals in Electronic Products
    • • Industrial Electrical Equipment
    • • Industrial Gaskets
    • • Commercial Food Ovens
    • • Seals in Fluid Handling Equipment

Molded Rubber:

  • • Diaphragms
  • • Bushings
  • • Medical Devices
  • • Valves
  • • Seals

Molded & Extruded


Molded and extruded rubber is strong and offers a good resistance to heat. They also have some flame-retardant properties. Use of proper elastomers and the correct manufacturing processes ensures high quality molded rubber products, which may be shaped by liquid injection or compression molding.

Rubber extrusions are used extensively as washers and seals in consumer electronic products and industrial electrical equipment. They are found in industrial gaskets, commercial food ovens, and as seals in fluid handling equipment. Manufacturers use molded rubber to create diaphragms, bushings, medical devices, valves, seals, and connectors. Extruded rubber's strength makes it particularly useful for bumpers, rubber boots, and grommets. Molded rubber is commonly used in the medical, healthcare, automotive, consumer, and aerospace industries.

Many customers prefer our P-profiles and U-Channels extruded rubber profiles. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from standard weather-resistant SBR elastomers for your extruded rubber products or choose a higher grade material such as Buna-N, Silicone, or Viton.

Hoffmeyer offers general use extruded rubber edge trims to protect sensitive gadgets from shock and vibrations. You can also choose from many shapes and sizes of rubber products and seals. We offer rubber extrusion products such as solid cords or tubes of rubber, strips, as well as custom shapes. All rubber extrusions are designed, milled, and colored in accordance with industry standards.

Molded rubber products are often custom-created for each user. Because standard sizes may not meet your needs, let a Hoffmeyer representative help you find what you need - especially in custom sizes.

Hoffmeyer has over 90 years of experience in the industrial supply business. Check with a representative from Hoffmeyer today to find high quality extruded rubber products such as profiles, gaskets, sponges, and grommets. We also offer any adapters and accessories you may need. Contact our trusted experts right away!