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Pipe & Tubing

Pipe & Tubing

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Industrial Tubes:

    • • Low Weight
    • • High Rigidity
    • • Strong

Industrial Pipes:

  • • Transport Raw Material
  • • Transports Liquids & Gases


Industrial Tubes Add Strength to:

    • • Bridges
    • • Railways
    • • Scaffolding
    • • Ladders

Pipes Transport:

  • • Oil
  • • Gasoline
  • • Natural Gas

Pipe & Tubing


The terms "industrial pipe" and "industrial tubing" are often used interchangeably, but they serve entirely different purposes. They are similar in their rigidity, which separates pipes and tubes from hoses. However, industrial pipes and tubes serve very different purposes: industrial tubes add strength to structures; industrial pipes transport raw materials, products, and waste in liquid or gas form.

Hollow industrial tubes make excellent construction materials due to their low weight and rigidity; they are often used as structural members. Because of their importance to the structure of buildings, industrial tubes are costlier than industrial pipes and manufactured to higher standards. Industrial pipes are graded by Nominal Pipe Sizes (NPS). It's important to pay attention to both pipe’s outer diameters and wall thicknesses.

Many construction companies choose industrial tubes for their inherent strength, ease of transport, and low weight. They are used to build bridges, railways, diving platforms, television towers, scaffolding, ladders, podiums, and spectator stands - just to name a few.

Industrial pipes have a myriad of uses, from manufacturing watering cans to huge municipal water pipes. They are an essential part of city water systems, dams, and sewage systems. Industrial pipes also transport oil, gasoline, natural gas, and other essential energy products. They are essential to oil refining and transporting companies, gas stations, propane suppliers, and many other businesses.

When it's time to choose exact industrial tube or pipe you need, consider the materials they are constructed from, the temperature ranges they must endure, and what internal and external pressures they must be able to handle. Let our professional staff help with your industrial pipe and tube selection. With over 90 years of experience, our trusted Hoffmeyer representatives will guide you through the decision-making and ordering process. Our experts will even make sure you have the adapters, accessories, and custom parts you need to ensure your project's success!