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PTFE Packing

PTFE Packing

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Packing Features

  • • Resistant Aggressive Chemicals
  • • Not Easily Oxidized
  • • Durable
  • • Cost-Effective


  • • Seal Valve Stem Leaks
  • • Protects from Wear
  • • Chemical Factories

PTFE Packing 

PTFE valve packing is one of the most commonly used types of valve packing. It is used to seal valve stems and other parts of liquid-transporting machines. PTFE has excellent resistance to several aggressive chemicals and can safely come in contact with potable water. Aside from sealing leaks in valve stems, PTFE packing provides protection from wear. It is easy to install and has very low abrasion tendencies with whatever surfaces it comes in contact with.

PTFE packing is initially processed as pure chevron rings. To increase the packing’s resistance to high temperatures and pressure, PTFE packing is combined with other materials, such as glass fiber and carbon. These additional materials combined with PTFE fibers provide strength and contribute to the overall durability of the packing. PTFE packing is not easily oxidized by strong chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid.

Because of its high resistance to chemical oxidation, PTFE packing is widely used in factories. The food and drug industries depend heavily on PTFE packing to seal their valves and other machines that transport liquids. In fact, a majority of chemical factories prefer PTFE packing to repair leaking valves because it is so safe to use. PTFE lasts for a considerable amount of time, making it a cost-effective tool for valve maintenance.

Hoffmeyer provides different types of PTFE valve packing at a range of prices. Our premium PTFE packing line is high quality, durable, and affordable. We have the best PTFE packing price range to meet your industrial needs.

Please contact us to get a price quote on our PTFE valve packing selection. We have 90 years of experience in bringing the best packing supplies to many different industries and our experts know what is best for your application. Our trained Hoffmeyer professionals are available to help you choose the right products, parts, and accessories to keep your machinery running smoothly!

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