We keep your products moving!
We keep your products moving!

Mechanical & Pump Seals

Mechanical Pump Seals

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  • • Extend Life of Fluid Transfer Equipment
  • • Efficient Transport of Aggressive Fluids
  • • Withstand High Temperatures
  • • Handles Extreme Pressure


  • • Water Distribution
  • • Treatment Companies
  • • Chemical Factories

Mechanical Pump Seals

Mechanical pump seals prevent leakage around the shafts of pumps by acting as check valves. They consist of several parts that work together to keep liquids from leaking out of the pump, especially when under extreme liquid pressures. Mechanical pump seals extend the life of your fluid transfer equipment. They do a much better job of sealing large mechanical pumps than regular compression packing.

Mechanical pump seals consist of the following basic parts: static and moving sealing faces, secondary seals such as O-rings and/or V-rings, single or multiple springs, shaft sleeves, and compression rings and pins. There are varying designs for mechanical seals, which depend on their application. Mechanical seals are crucial to keeping your operation moving; any malfunction can bring an entire production line to a halt. It is essential to use quality mechanical seals made of self-lubricating materials to ensure that the liquid in your pumps does not leak, and the seals stay cool.

A wide range of industries use mechanical pump seals: water distribution and treatment companies, chemical factories, and fire prevention industries all use mechanical pumps and rely on mechanical seals for leakage prevention. Automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries depend on mechanical pump seals for the efficient transport of aggressive fluids and chemicals.

Hoffmeyer carries a wide range of mechanical seals for different fluid transport systems such as pumps, agitators, and mixers. We know you need efficient, reliable, long-lasting mechanical seals. Our Hoffmeyer seals can withstand high temperatures and extreme pressure. We combine high-quality seal materials with efficient sealing technology to keep your machinery moving.

We have 90 years of experience in providing the best quality mechanical seals for a wide range of industries. Contact Hoffmeyer today and talk to our experts to get advice on which of our mechanical seals best satisfies your needs. We can also help you find any adapters, accessories, and custom parts you neeu need a special part or a solution to a unique issue, just let us know. We will work with you to make sure you get the non-conductive hydraulic hoses your application requires.

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