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Variable Speed Controls

Variable Speed Drive

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  • • Dynamic Braking
  • • Prolongs Motor Life
  • • Accurate Belt Positioning
  • • Tension Control
  • • Torque Control
  • • Adjustable & Variable Speeds Available


  • • Conveyor Belt Systems

Variable Speed Drive


Variable speed drive motors are useful in many industries and applications, especially in conveyor belting systems. Drive shaft speeds often need to be changed to adapt to varying load conditions, production rates, or slow operation for setup purposes.  Adjustable speed drive motors provide smoother operation, acceleration control, and different operating speeds for each process.

Variable speed drives achieve the cost-effective versatility you need to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your conveyor belt systems. Typically, a belt connects a variable speed pulley to a sheave. This pulley is mounted on a motor shaft and connected to a constant-speed motor.

Adjustable speed drive motors can also compensate for changing process variables, allow for accurate positioning, and control torque and tension. They also allow you to find an ideal speed without changing sheaves and belts. Variable speed drive motors are especially important for applications where final driven speed is critical and difficult to attain with two fixed-diameter sheaves. Businesses also choose variable speed drives to conserve electricity, prolong motor life, and guard against costly malfunctions.

Adjustable speed drives allow speeds to be selected from several different pre-set ranges. If the output speed can be changed without steps over a range, the drive is usually referred to as variable speed. To suit your unique needs, Hoffmeyer offers both adjustable speed and variable speed drives.

Hoffmeyer provides variable speed units and multipurpose industrial AC drives for any application. One example is our Leeson 4-speed adjustable forward and reverse units with dynamic braking.

Talk with a Hoffmeyer representative to find out which variable-speed drive motors are perfect for your business. Our 90 years of experience in the industrial supply business means you have access to a vast knowledge base pertaining to conveyor belt systems. Hoffmeyer's professional staff can help you select the adapters, parts, and accessories you need to keep your conveyor belt systems running smoothly.

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