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We keep your products moving!

Motor Starters

Motor Starters

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Hose Features

  • • Magnetic Motor Starter
  • • Manual Motor Starter
  • • Air Compressor Motor Starter


    Manual Motor Starters:

    • • Power Saws
    • • Pumps
    • • Fans
    • • Conveyors
    • • Blowers

    Automatic Magnetic Motor Starters:

    • • Safety Systems
    • • Regulate Air Compressor Motors

Motor Starters


Motor starters may be operated manually or automatically. Manual starters and switches provide local control of equipment in the industrial or construction markets. They are used in applications such as power saws, pumps, fans, conveyors, blowers, packaging, and sorting. On the other hand, automatic magnetic motor starters are typically used as safety systems and to regulate air compressor motors.

A manual starter's contact mechanism is operated by a mechanical link from a toggle handle or push button. This “on-off” switch provides overload protection, via a thermal unit and a direct acting overload mechanism. Hoffmeyer manual motor starters are UL-listed and CSA-approved.

Magnetic motor starters have an electromagnetically operated set of contacts. They start and stop motors by using a control circuit with momentary contact devices. This is connected to the coils of a magnetic motor starter, which turns the motor on and off. Magnetic motor starters contain sets of both stationary and movable contacts. They also utilize pressure springs, a solenoid coil, a stationary electromagnet, a set of magnetic shading coils, and a moving armature.

Magnetic motor starters are also used in conjunction with sensors that trigger an automatic motor shutdown. For example, if a product hits a hazardous part of a conveyor belt system and triggers a warning sensor, the motor will shut down to prevent injury to workers and/or damage to products and machinery. Magnetic motor starters also turn air compressor motors on and off to maintain steady pressure levels in air tanks. 

Hoffmeyer’s standard and heavy-duty motor starters deliver precise electrical current to individual motors and other components in conveyor belt systems. Hoffmeyer supplies both manual motor starters and magnetic motor starters.

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