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DC Motors

DC Motors

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  • • Hazard-Duty
  • • Explosion-Proof 
  • • Wash-Down
  • • Certified to 75,000 volts


  • • Conveyor Belts
  • • Elevators
  • • Cranes
  • • Extruders

DC Motors


The flexible speed to torque relationship of direct current (DC) motors makes them useful in many industries. 

The speed of direct current motors can be varied with full torque, as long as it stays within their operational speed range. DC motors power conveyor belts, turntables, and many other devices that require speed adjustments while maintaining constant torque. DC motors are especially useful for applications with constant torque loads, such as conveyor belts, elevators, cranes, and extruders. They can also handle dynamic braking and reversing direction.

Hoffmeyer DC motors deliver full torque at any speed. This feature is essential when a fully-loaded belt must be regularly stopped and started. Hoffmeyer carries a wide selection of DC motors, including hazard-duty, explosion-proof and wash-down models.

Hoffmeyer offers explosion-proof DC motors which are designed and approved for use in hazardous environments, such as areas that contain explosive gasses or materials. These direct-current motors are UL and CSA listed as "explosion proof".

They feature a NEMA 56C face with a removable 56-frame base and ¾-14NPT pipe nipples for lead exit holes. Hoffmeyer's explosion-proof DC motors also have pilot-duty thermostats, pre-lubricated double-shielded ball bearings, and easy brush access for field service. If you choose, you can also buy explosion-proof conduit box kits.

Hoffmeyer also supplies three-phase motors that can handle everything from light spills to continuous washdowns. We offer DC motors with USDA and FDA approval, BISSC Certification, or a IP55 enclosure protection - among many other features.

When you contact a Hoffmeyer representative, you will access over 90 years of experience in industrial supply and applications. Remember to ask about the adapters and accessories you need - we offer many solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly. Let our knowledgeable staff help you pick out the DC motors that are perfect for your application.

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