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Twin Line Hose

Twin Line Hydraulic Hose

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Hose Features

  • • Fast Response Times
  • • Non-Conductive Available
  • • Non-Tangeling
  • • Tight Bend Radius
  • • Kink Resistant


  • • Lift Truck
  • • Hydraulic Crane
  • • Aerial Lifts

Pressure Lines For:

  • • Petroleum
  • • Synthetic
  • • Water-Based Hydraulic Fluids

Twin Line Hydraulic Hose


The tangling of hoses in a hydraulic system is a persistent problem. The automotive, construction, chemical, oil processing, and manufacturing industries require durable hoses that will not get tangled in regular operations.

Twin line thermoplastic hoses consist of two identical hoses permanently joined for the entire length of the hose, offering a compact system for easy installation and smooth operation.

Twin line hoses have small outer diameters and provide fast response times in hydraulic and pneumatic circuits and systems. They are offered in natural or non-conductive designs for applications where electric shock is a potential hazard. Twin line hoses eliminate the problem of tangling in multiple hose applications, and can be separated at certain points to allow for complex routing patterns. Twin line thermoplastic hoses are stronger than single hoses and are easier to manage. They are particularly useful for lift truck, hydraulic crane, and aerial lift applications.

Hoffmeyer offers black 1-braid twin line hoses, which are available in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1" inner diameters. Our 100R7 & 100R8 twin line thermoplastic hoses can be used as pressure lines for petroleum, synthetic, and water-based hydraulic fluids. They have a tight minimum bend radius and an excellent kink resistance. They feature a black urethane cover over a multi-fluid nylon tube, and are reinforced with a braid of polyester yarn. These rugged twin line thermoplastic hoses can handle temperatures from -60°F to 200°F and meet or exceed SAE 100R8 standards.

Hoffmeyer is a proud distributor of quality hydraulic hoses from Aeroquip®, NRP Jones®, Kurt Hydraulics®, and other brands. We also supply all the fittings and adapters you will need for our twin line hoses. Hoffmeyer has 90 years of experience providing industrial hoses and other related products. If you need a special part or a solution to a unique issue, just let us know. We will work with you to make sure you get the twin line thermoplastic hoses your application requires.

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