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Non-Conductive Hose

Non-Conductive Hydraulic Hose

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Hose Features

  • • Non-Conductive
  • • SAE 100R7 Compliant
  • • Tight Bend Radius
  • • Kink Resistant
  • • Handles -40°F to 200°F
  • • Certified to 75,000 volts


  • • Construction
  • • Cherry Pickers
  • • Lubrication Lines
  • • Farm Machinery
  • • Steel Mills
  • • Foundries

Non-Conductive Hydraulic Hose


In certain applications, electrical shock is a potential risk to your employees and equipment. Construction companies, crane operators, electricians, and others need hydraulic hoses that are safe when operated near high voltage equipment. Manufacturing, automotive, transport, and petrochemical companies also need hoses that can be used safely without risk of electrocution.

Non-conductive hydraulic hoses are excellent for use in power and telephone mobile equipment (cherry pickers), lubrication lines, blowout preventer control lines, hydraulic lifts, and farm and construction machinery. These non-conductive hoses provide the safety you need to work confidently and efficiently near high-voltage sources. Non-conductive hydraulic hoses are also used in steel mills, mines, shipyards, foundries, auto plants, and the aluminum reduction industry. 

Hoffmeyer is proud to offer twin line one-braid non-conductive hoses. Our 100R7 and 100R8 non-conductive hoses make great pressure lines that can be used to transport petroleum-based, water-based, and synthetic hydraulic fluids without a risk of conducting electricity. 100R7 and 100R8 have a tight minimum bend radius and excellent kink resistance. These non-conductive hydraulic hoses feature a NBR/PVC cover over textile tubing, and can be used at temperatures from -40°F to 200°F. Hoffmeyer non-conductive hydraulic hoses are factory made and certified non-conductive to 75,000 volts. They meet or exceed the performance requirements of SAE 100R7, and have a significantly tighter bend radius.

Hoffmeyer is a proud distributor of quality hydraulic hoses from Aeroquip®, NRP Jones®, Kurt Hydraulics®, and other brands. We also supply all the fittings and adapters you will need for our non-conductive hydraulic hoses. Hoffmeyer has 90 years of experience providing industrial hoses and other related products. If you need a special part or a solution to a unique issue, just let us know. We will work with you to make sure you get the non-conductive hydraulic hoses your application requires.

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