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  • • Standard
  • • Beveled


  • • Ceramic
  • • Steel
  • • P-88
  • • Rubber


    • • Conveyor Belt Systems

Protects From:

  • • Impact
  • • Noise
  • • Abrasion
  • • Dust Build-Up



Conveyor skirt boards and chute linings are an essential part of your conveyor belt system. Conveyor skirt boards hold material on conveyor belts and prevent excessive spillage. They also reduce belting wear due to abrasion and stress on motors and other drive-train components. Chute linings prevent damage to chutes, helping you avoid the cost of frequent replacements.

Hoffmeyer specially compounded conveyor skirt boards have great advantages over other materials used for this purpose, such as wooden boards, chute lining, or worn-out belting. Hoffmeyer offers 65 durometer conveyor skirt boards that are made of a non-plied rubber. Our conveyor skirt boards are slightly softer than conveyor belting, yet stiff enough to properly guide the materials being handled. As a result, conveyor skirts greatly reduce conveyor belt wear. Hoffmeyer conveyor skirt boards are available in both standard and beveled styles. 

A variety of chute linings are available, including ceramic, steel, P-88, and rubber to meet your unique needs. Chute linings can protect from impact, noise, and abrasion. Our chute liners are manufactured from abrasion-resistant elastomeric rubber, to protect chutes from impact damage. Hoffmeyer linings prevent dust build-up, sticking, and build-up in the chute. A Hoffmeyer representative can help you determine which chute linings are appropriate for your application.

At Hoffmeyer, we are dedicated to friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Talk with one of our industry experts today to choose the right conveyor skirt boards and linings for your business. Remember, if you need a special solution or a custom part, we're ready to help you solve this issue. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, with more than 90 years of experience in conveyor belt applications. Contact a Hoffmeyer rep today; we will discuss your needs and help find the exact conveyor skirt boards and linings you need to keep your line moving and help your business grow and succeed.

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