We keep your products moving!
We keep your products moving!

Gear Boxes & Speed Reducers

Gear Boxes & Speed Reducers

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  • • Right-Angle
  • • Indirect Drive
  • • Planetary
  • • Direct Drive
  • • C-Face
  • • Beveled


  • • Conveyor Belt Systems
  • • Mining Machinery
  • • Heavy Construction Equipment

Gear Boxes & Speed Reducers


Industrial gearboxes are used as speed reducers to slow down conveyor belts by adjusting engine torque. A worm gear is the primary component of a gearbox; it uses a screw to turn a toothed wheel. Though this technology was invented in antiquity, it has been optimized in the last 100 years to carry out a myriad of industrial tasks.

In addition to allowing for speed control, gearboxes help your equipment last longer and improve performance. They can also be used for torque multiplication. 

Double enveloping worm gears provide greater torque because they contain specially-shaped gear teeth. This design allows for increased surface area contact between the worm gear and the output gear. They also feature enlarged lines of contact to increase power and reduce stress on gear teeth.

Many industries use speed reducers and industrial gearboxes. They are commonly found in conveyor belt systems, mining machinery, and heavy construction equipment. Companies involved in iron and steel production, metal cutting and forming, paper and plastic converting, and printing and packaging also use industrial gearboxes.

Speed reducers receive power from conveyor belt motors via their input shafts. The gearbox converts speed to torque (or vice-versa) and transmits this load to the conveyor belt via its output shaft.

Hoffmeyer offers speed reducers and gearboxes from all major manufacturers. You can choose from many types of speed reducers, including right-angle, indirect drive, planetary, direct drive, c-face, and beveled. They are also available in stainless steel.

With over 90 years in the industrial supply business, Hoffmeyer provides you with a wealth of knowledge. Our experienced and trusted sales representatives can help you get exactly the right gearboxes and speed reducers you require to keep your lines moving smoothly. We supply the adapters and accessories you need to fit everything together, and can even provide custom solutions to meet your needs.

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