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We keep your products moving!



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  • • Solid-Sleeve
  • • Clenched
  • • Flanged


  • • Metal
  • • Stabilized Polymers (Plastics)
  • • Fiber-Wound Composite


  • • Construction
  • • Cherry Pickers
  • • Lubrication Lines
  • • Farm Machinery
  • • Steel Mills
  • • Foundries



Bushings, also referred to as plain bearings, plane bearings, or sleeve bearings, are housing assembly inserts that provide a surface for rotary applications. Unlike rolling-element bearings, bushings consist of only one part, though this one part may be a composite of different materials. Bushings operate by sliding between moving surfaces and are used throughout industry.

Hoffmeyer representatives can help you select the right bushings for your application, based on the operating velocity and the weight of the load. Hoffmeyer offers plug inserts and pre-lubricated bushings. Plug inserts need to be lubricated, opposed to maintenance-free bushings that do not require additional lubrication to operate. 

Pre-lubricated bushings are considered to run "dry" because they are lubricated during their manufacture and do not require additional lubrication. This convenience saves time on maintenance, lubrication costs, and prevents expensive downtimes. Plain bearings that do not require lubrication simplify your mechanical design because they feature thinner walls, better wear resistance, and higher load-handling specifications. Plain bearings are also better for the environment because they do not produce oil as a byproduct.

Hoffmeyer supplies a large variety of high-quality bushings and plain bearings made from a wide variety of materials, including metal, stabilized polymers (plastics), and fiber-wound composite materials. Hoffmeyer offers solid-sleeve, clenched, and flanged bushings, as well as other styles.

At Hoffmeyer, we are dedicated to friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Talk with one of our industry experts today to choose the right bushings for your business. Remember, if you need a special solution or a custom part, we're ready to help you solve this issue. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, with more than 90 years of experience in plain bearing applications. Contact a Hoffmeyer rep today; we will discuss your needs and help you find the exact bushings and accessories you need to keep your line moving and help your business grow and succeed.

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