We keep your products moving!
We keep your products moving!

Belt Pulleys

Pulleys & Sheaves

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  • • Compact
  • • Hermetically Sealed

Unaffected By:

  • • Dust
  • • Water
  • • Oil
  • • Grease


  • • Uphill Conveyors
  • • Flat Conveyors

Pulleys & Sheaves


Some applications, such as flat and uphill conveyor belts, require motorized pulleys. Motorized pulleys are compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor drive units. They are unaffected by dust, water, oil, grease or other harmful substances. Motorized pulleys are quick and simple to install and require very little maintenance.

For some applications, especially short conveyors and those carrying light loads, sheaves are used instead of terminal drums. Sheaves can also be used to change pitch and horsepower to allow for belt cooling. Sheaves are also known as V-belt pulleys and roundbelt pulleys.  

Hoffmeyer can supply pulleys with either plain or grooved hot vulcanized rubber lagging. We offer various grooving patterns, such as herringbone or diamond, to increase tractive friction under dirty and wet conditions. Diamond grooves have the added advantage of functioning in any orientation, regardless of belt direction.

Hoffmeyer is proud to offer wing pulleys for systems in which there is a possibility of excess material build-up between the surface of the pulley and the belt. By expelling this excess material, the wing pulley enhances traction and reduces abrasion of both the belt and the pulley. This increases the lifespan of both components, increasing safety and saving you frequent replacement costs.

At Hoffmeyer, we carry a wide range of pulleys, including Joki® motorized pulleys, head pulleys, which are used at the front of the belt, and wing tail pulleys which work on gravity take-up assemblies. We also supply the sheaves you need, if your systems require them.

At Hoffmeyer, we are dedicated to friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable with more than 90 years of experience in conveyor belt applications. Contact a Hoffmeyer rep today; we will discuss your needs and help you find the exact pulleys and sheaves your business needs to grow and succeed.

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