We keep your products moving!
We keep your products moving!

MOR Conveyor Belt

Moderately Oil Resistant (MOR)
Conveyor Belt

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Belt Features

  • • Moderately Oil Resistant
  • • Smooth Surface
  • • Multiple Cleating Profiles
  • • Fabric or Rubber Backed
  • • Longer Lifecycle


  • • Recycling
  • • Lumber Mills
  • • Fertilizer Manufacturing
  • • Grain Processing
  • • Compost Transportation

Moderately Oil Resistant (MOR)
Conveyor Belt

Conventional styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) conveyor belting swells and softens when it comes in contact with greasy or oily materials, contributing to belt deterioration. Under these conditions, SBR conveyor belts can require frequent replacement, significantly raising your operating costs. When processing moderately oily materials, use Hoffmeyer’s line of MOR belting to save time and money.

Materials that generate only a small amount of animal fats, vegetable fats, or oil, may not be identified as damaging to SBR belts, but do in fact lead to quick belt degradation. The transportation of recycled trash, lumber, fertilizer, grains, and compost all contain oils that deteriorate rubber belting and should be processed on a MOR belt. 

Moderately oil resistant (MOR) conveyor belting is necessary when a belt is intermittently exposed to oil. Hoffmeyer offers a wide selection of moderately oil resistant belts. These MOR conveyor belts are covered with a unique, protective combination of SBR and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) to provide a smooth, oil-resistant surface. The use of MOR belts in oily processing drastically improves the longevity of your belting, creating a cost-effective solution for your processing needs.

Hoffmeyer supplies fabric or rubber-backed MOR belts for steel pan systems. We also provide cover-by-cover MOR conveyor belts which are suitable for roller systems. Our MOR conveyor belts are available with multiple cleat profiles to ensure that your conveyor belt can effectively move your product in the way your processing demands.

Call a Hoffmeyer rep today to find the correct MOR conveyor belt for your company’s application. Hoffmeyer reps can identify when to use MOR conveyor belts instead of standard SBR belts to help you avoid costly replacements of deteriorated belts. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable; we have more than 90 years of experience in conveyor belting applications. 

Hoffmeyer is an industry leader and is dedicated to surpassing your expectations. We provide a full line of MOR conveyor belts to meet your company’s material-handling needs. The Hoffmeyer sales team will ensure that you get exactly the right the MOR conveyor belt for your application, and can customize your belt to suit your unique needs. 

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