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We keep your products moving!

Heat-Resistant Belt

Heat-Resistant & High-Temperature Conveyor Belt

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Belt Features

  • • Minimal Stretch in High Temps.
  • • Dimensionally Stable
  • • Absorbs Minimum Moisture
  • • Chemical Resistant
  • • Acid Resistant
  • • Heat-Resistant up to 700°F


  • • Material Fabrication
  • • Plywood Manufacturing
  • • Plasterboard Manufacturing
  • • Cement Manufacturing
  • • Aluminum Manufacturing
  • • Food Processing
  • • Industrial Baking
  • • Glass Manufacturing

Heat-Resistant & High-Temperature Conveyor Belt

Standard conveyor belts can quickly deteriorate under high-heat conditions. When conveyor belts deteriorate, they create safety hazards and require costly belt replacements.  Hoffmeyer is proud to offer heat-resistant and high temp conveyor belting to withstand all of your high heat manufacturing and transportation needs.

Heat-resistant conveyor belts provide maximum resistance to the deteriorating effects of high heat when conveying materials at high temperatures. High temp conveyor belting is designed for minimal stretching in high temperatures and ensures maximum strength and dimensional stability. Heat-resistant conveyor belts utilize specially formulated compounds to maintain their integrity under high-heat conditions.

Hoffmeyer supplies synthetic heat-resistant conveyor belting to withstand hot material handling. Your temperature requirements dictate the necessary belting material. While PVC belts are ideal for low-heat applications, butyl and EPDM belts are necessary for higher-temperature jobs.

Hoffmeyer also provides high temp belting for food processing applications. We supply an FDA/ USDA approved silicon-coated high heat belting to transport hot food directly from an oven to the next stage of processing. For plywood and plasterboard manufacturing, rust rough top is the ideal belt because it is heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant, and can transport hot materials without stretching or breaking down.

When dealing with materials reaching 700°F, high heat-resistant conveyor belts are needed. Hoffmeyer offers high-temp conveyor belting for transporting hot cement, hot glass, hot aluminum and other molten materials. Our specialized belting is highly resistant to chemicals and acids, even in very hot environments. Hoffmeyer high temp conveyor belts absorb very little moisture, ensuring that hot cement does not solidify into concrete during production. These high-temp conveyor belts are ideal for use in foundries and cement manufacturing facilities.

Hoffmeyer is an industry leader and is dedicated to delivering you the experience and service you desire. We provide a full line of heat-resistant conveyor belts and high-temp conveyor belts to meet your company’s high-temperature material handling needs. The Hoffmeyer staff is extremely knowledgeable; we have over 90 years of experience in the conveyor belt industry. Contact a Hoffmeyer expert today to help you pick the correct high-temp conveyor belt to meet your company’s specific needs.

Contact a Hoffmeyer expert today to help you pick the correct high-temp conveyor belt to meet your company’s specific needs.