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Roller Bearings

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Bearing Styles

  • • Cylindrical
  • • Precision Cylindrical
  • • Tapered
  • • Spherical
  • • Cam-Follower
  • • Needle-Roller
  • • Cylindrical Roller Thrust
  • • Inner Ring


  • • Carrying Heavy Radial Loads
  • • Slow Speeds
  • • High- Heat
  • • Misalignment 
  • • High Pressure

Roller Bearings


Roller bearings contain cylinders called "rollers". These rolling elements keep the moving parts of the bearing separated, just as ball bearings would. However, roller bearings can carry heavier radial loads than ball bearings. Roller bearings can also manage a limited amount of axial loading (force parallel to the shaft). 

Roller bearings must properly lubricated. Plan your lubrication strategy during the design phase of your application. Also, remember that (unlike ball bearings) roller bearings are not designed for very high speeds. Talk to your Hoffmeyer representative about which roller bearings would be ideal for your facility. 

You can choose from many styles of roller bearings, including cylindrical, precision cylindrical, tapered, spherical, cam-follower, needle-roller, cylindrical roller thrust, and inner ring. Our customers choose tapered roller bearings for applications that require them to handle both radial and thrust loads. Precision cylindrical roller bearings are typically used with screw drives because they combine axial and radial needle bearings to manage loads from many directions at high speeds.  

Sealed roller bearings can handle harsh conditions like heavy loads, heat, contaminants, misalignment, and high pressure. They don't leak grease, keeping your facility clean, safe, and environmentally-friendly. Depending on your temperature requirements, their seals may be made of nitride rubber or other material. Our customers choose sealed roller bearings because they allow for axial downsizing when external seals are not needed. 

Hoffmeyer provides roller bearings for any conveyor system or application. Our fully-sealed bearings are built to support large radial loads. They are available in a wide variety of noise requirements, sizes, and row assemblies. 

Our experienced and trusted staff has over 90 years of experience. Let them help you choose the roller bearings you need, and identify the adapters, accessories, and other parts you need to get the most from your machinery.

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