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Pillow Block

Pillow Block Bearings

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Bearing Features

  • • Nickel-Plated Rollers
  • • Spherical Rollers
  • • Ball-Conforming Tracks
  • • Shielded/ Sealed


  • • Manufacturing
  • • Processing

Pillow Block Bearings


Pillow block bearings allow a shaft to rotate parallel to its mounting surface. They are typically embedded in a rounded metal housing, often cast iron, or a thermoplastic housing. This housing is secured to the mounting surface by two or four bolts. One-piece housings commonly feature fittings for bearing lubrication. Two-piece pillow block bearing housings provide direct access to the bearings.

Pillow bearings are easy to install and maintain. Customers often choose high-quality pillow bearings that feature a precision fit between the bearing and the shaft. You may also want to consider casehardened races and rollers, single-lip rubber seals, and interchangeable bearings.

Various types of pillow block bearings are available to suit your needs. Self-aligning bearings are designed to fit into precision bores, and some can handle slightly misaligned shafts. You may also require pillow bearings with spherical bearings, ball bearings, and journal bearings. Pillow block bearings are typically sealed or shielded to keep debris out and extend their life.

Businesses in the construction, timber, aggregate, mining, cement, and publishing industries rely on pillow bearings for large-scale, stationary manufacturing, and processing applications.  Some pillow block bearings can handle high speeds, radial loads, and minimal axial thrust. Pillow bearings may also feature ball-conforming tracks and ground bearing plates. Our pillow bearings are available in nickel-plated and spherical roller styles.

Our trusted Hoffmeyer experts can help you select pillow block bearings that can handle the rotational speed of your application and provide appropriate load support and angle correction. We will also help you decide if your pillow bearings should be shielded, sealed, or open. In addition, Hoffmeyer can help you calculate how much room is available for attaching pillow bearings to your mounting surface.

Hoffmeyer carries a full line of pillow block bearings, including Dura-Klean bearings. With 90 years of experience, we can help you find exactly the right pillow block bearings for your application.

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