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Flanged Bearings

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Bearing Features

  • •2 & 4 Bolts Available
  • Precision Steel Balls
  • Handles:
  • Moderate Thrust Loads (in both directions)
  • Heavy Radial Loads
  • Speeds up to 1200 RPM


  • • Allow Shafts to Rotate Perpendicular

Flanged Ball Bearings


Flanged ball bearings allow shafts to rotate perpendicular to their mounting surface. Flanges provide many mounting and positioning options; some flanged bearings feature double flanges for increased utility. Flanged bearings can handle moderate thrust loads (in both directions) and heavy radial loads.

Flanged bearings typically feature locking collars with 2 to 4 mounting bolts inside the flange. Flanged ball bearings with more mounting bolts, such as square 4-bolt designs, can handle higher loads. You may need small, light-duty 2-bolt "flangettes" or heavier-duty 2-bolt flanged bearings. Our Hoffmeyer staff can help you choose the right flanged ball bearings for your application.

Flanged ball bearings are available in a wide variety of styles. They can be open, sealed, or shielded, and feature a wide variety of bore sizes. Flanged bearings are constructed from a variety of metals and thermoplastic materials, including stainless and passivized stainless steel. "Hybrid bearings" are flanged bearings with ceramic ball bearings instead of metal. 

Some flanged bearings have bearings that can be aligned and moved to accommodate long shafts. Flanged and ball bearings can be very small, and may be called "instrument bearings". You may also require flanged tapered outer ball bearings and flanged thin-section ball bearings.

Flanged bearings are designed for light loads and speeds up to 1200 RPM. They can be mounted directly into wheel hubs, pulleys, and conveyor rollers. Flanged ball bearings feature precision steel balls in deep ball grooves, with machined steel heat-treated races.

Hoffmeyer provides "U" style-flanged bearings with wide inner rings for greater shaft support. We also offer "N", "H" and "E3" flanged bearings. Let our Hoffmeyer representatives help you choose the type of flanged bearings that are right for you. They can also suggest appropriate adapters, parts, and accessories. Hoffmeyer has over 90 years of experience in the industrial supply business.  

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