We keep your products moving!
We keep your products moving!

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Take-Up Bearings

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Bearing Styles

  • • Light
  • • Medium
  • • Heavy-Duty
  • • Pressed Stainless Steel or Iron


  • • Conveyor Belts
  • • Blowers
  • • Fans

Take-Up Bearings


Take-up bearings and frames are typically used in conveyor lines. They align conveyor belt tracks and maintain belt tension. Conveyor take-up bearings are manufactured from a variety of materials, but are typically made from cast iron, and feature a chrome steel bearing.

Take-up bearings typically operate belt-driven machines. They are used with blowers and fans, as well as conveyor belts. Businesses in the food-processing, manufacturing, mining, quarrying, construction, and agricultural industries rely on take-up bearings to keep their lines moving efficiently.

Conveyor belts require take-up bearings when it is necessary to adjust the shafts and tighten the belts. We offer bearings with a variety of locking features to suit your needs. 

Narrow-slot take-up bearings, made of pressed stainless steel, provide affordable light-duty functionality. For heavier jobs, many companies choose wide-slot bearings made from iron. These tougher take-up bearings, the better they can handle the shock of large loads and the vibration of heavy machinery.

Conveyor take-up bearings are available in metric and inch sizes and may feature an eccentric locking collar. You can choose from a variety of seal and plated housing options, and specify whether you require light, medium, or heavy-duty take-up bearings. Our Hoffmeyer representatives will help you pick the style of conveyor take-up bearing that is right for you.

Featuring guide frames and positioning screws, our Hoffmeyer take-up bearings adjust belt tension and shaft extension, and can be used for tracking a conveyor system. They are available in sizes from 3/4" up to 4 15/16". Contact a Hoffmeyer expert today to get help choosing the take-up bearings that are right for your business.  We can also help you find the accessories, parts, and adapters you need to make everything fit together and run smoothly. With over 90 years of experience, Hoffmeyer will see you through every step of the design, purchasing, and installation process.

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