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Cam Followers & Rod Ends

Cam Followers & Rod Ends

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Bearing Features

  • • Cam Followers:
  • • Yolk Style Available
  • • Stud Style Available
  • • Ecentric Collars or Concentric Seats
  • Rod Ends
  • • Self-Lubricating
  • • Thermoplastic Races
  • • PTFE Liners


  • • Precision Articulating Joints
  • • High Radial Loads

Cam Follwers & Rod Ends


Cam followers feature a solid "stud" or "pin" for quick installation and removal. Also known as "track followers", cam followers are specialized roller or needle bearings that follow cam lobe profiles. They are attached either by a "stud” or a "yoke" (with a hole through the center). 

Cam followers are available in both inch and metric sizes, and may feature black oxide treated bearing steel. Tapered roller bearing inserts or precision balls are available, which help your cam followers handle both thrust and radial loads. Cam followers are available in either "yoke" or "stud" styles. Cam follower studs may feature eccentric collars or concentric seats. Eccentric collars are shrink-fit to the stud, tolerate reduced precision, and are easier to attach to a variety of other components. 

Rod ends, also known as "heim joints", are used anywhere a precision articulating joint is required. They provide solid linkage, even under significant misalignment. Rod ends provide convenient mounting, and are an affordable, compact, and lightweight alternative to spherical bearings.

They are available in a myriad of types and sizes. You may choose rod ends with brass race inserts in a number of quality and price grades. Some rod ends are self-lubricating, contain thermoplastic races, or feature PTFE liners.

Some companies use rod ends with extremely low friction to avoid misalignment. You may choose to purchase rod ends with a variety of features, including left-hand threads, lubrication fittings, and keyway slots.

Our Hoffmeyer cam followers are suitable for high radial loads and are designed to withstand heavy rolling and minor incident thrust loads. Contact a Hoffmeyer representative today to get the cam followers and rod ends you need to keep your machinery running at top efficiency. With over 90 years of experience, our trusted staff will help you with everything you need: parts, adapters, accessories, and more!

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