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  • • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • • Prolong Equipment Life
  • • Increase Efficiency
  • • Protection Against:
  • • Rust
  • • Oxidation
  • • Heat
  • • Corrosion


  • • Manufacturing
  • • Transportation
Any Machines with:
  • • Gear Chairs
  • • Bearings
  • • Chassis
  • • Wire Rope

Industrial Lubricants

Among industrial lubricants, industrial grease is always in the highest demand. Industrial grease plays an indispensable role in all machinery. Grease decreases the friction between moving parts, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs by mitigating the wear caused by friction, heat transference, and corrosion. While it can be expected that motors and heavy machinery will make extensive use of synthetic lubricants and grease, it should be noted that any machine incorporating gear chairs, bearings, chassis, or wire ropes require some form of lubrication.

Industrial lubricants are typically classified into engine oils, hydraulic oils, gear oils, industrial oils, industrial greases, synthetic lubricants, turbine oils, and food-grade lubricants. Synthetic lubricants are used when various loads, such as operating temperatures and pressures, reach extremes. Hydroelectric power plants and water pumping stations require turbine oils to prevent oxidation, as well as to mitigate thermal and water degradation. While automotive applications are the most recognizable, industrial lubricants and industrial greases are also used in metalworking and have applications in marine and industrial sectors.

Industrial grease is a semisolid lubricant used where lubricating oils will not stay in place or where the opportunities to lubricate are infrequent. They possess great initial viscosity and hence better frictional characteristics. The shear thinning property of industrial grease makes it ideal for application to moving parts and machinery.

Industrial grease finds wide use in manufacturing and transportation industries for the protection of bearings, bucket pins, cables, chains, open gears, chassis, cams, and bushings. The use of industrial grease will reduce maintenance costs, prolong equipment life, increase efficiency, and reduce the wear and operating temperatures caused by friction. It is effective protection against rust, oxidation, heat, and corrosion.

Along with over 90 years of experience, Hoffmeyer offers Lube"O"Seal™, Eco-Lube™, and Huskey™ industrial lubricants and greases, which are used extensively in the smooth operation of conveyor machinery. If these lubricants do not meet your needs, contact the nearest Hoffmeyer representative to inquire about our Extreme Industrial Lubricants!

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