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Industrial Cleaners

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  • • Provide Lubrication
  • • Protect Surfaces From Moisture
  • • Grease
  • • Oily Carbon
  • • Motor Oils
  • • Hydraulic Oils


  • • Factories
  • • Showrooms
  • • Restaurants
  • • Government Facilities
  • • Warehouses
  • • Medical Facilities

Industrial Cleaners

Protection is the process of preserving the optimal operational conditions of buildings, mechanisms, and fittings. Industrial cleaners, such as WD40®, not only provide lubrication, they are also used to protect surfaces from moisture. Industrial cleaners are moderate to heavy-foaming washing compounds that excel at removing industrial dirt. This can include grease, oily carbon, coolant residues, printer inks, die lubes, motor oils, hydraulic oils, and other debris. Cleaning machinery tools and removing tar, cosmoline, adhesives, and rubber burns may require heavy-duty protective industrial cleaners. Variations of these cleaners are used to emulsify soil containing radioactive contaminants.

Factories, showrooms, restaurants, government facilities, schools, warehouses, data centers, high rises, and medical facilities all need regular cleaning. Furthermore, to maintain their longevity and proper functions, all machines in commercial and non-commercial use need to be cleaned periodically.

Developed in 1953 by the Rocket Chemical Company, WD40® is a penetrating spray that works to displace oil and water. Viscous oil is the main active ingredient in the WD-40 formula. The oil is non-volatile and remains on the surface it is applied to as a protective and lubricating layer. The volatile hydrocarbon, which is used to thin the oil to a water-like viscosity, allows the mixture to penetrate crevices that thicker lubricants would be unable to breach. As the hydrocarbon evaporates, the oil thickens once more, coating and lubricating these hard to reach spaces. Thanks to this ability, it is often used to lubricate rusted fasteners and jammed mechanisms, including zippers. 

For over 90 years, Hoffmeyer has carried the best industrial protectors and cleaners, including WD40®. With our help, you can keep your workplace clean and your machines protected from corrosion, wear, and rust. Contact a trusted Hoffmeyer representative today!

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