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Anaerobic Sealant

Anaerobic Sealants

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Sealant Prevents:

  • • Corrosion
  • • Loosening of Fasteners
  • • Leakage of Moisture, Gasses, & Fluids


  • • Temperature Sensing Devices
  • • Hydraulic Fittings
  • • Air Conditioning Units
  • • Air Compression Systems
  • • Central Heating Systems
  • • Pressurized Water Systems

Anaerobic Sealants

Anaerobic sealants, such as flange and thread sealants, strengthen joints and seals in systems with mechanically locked structures. They create seals through the hardening of resins and chemical compounds, but only in the absence of air. As long as anaerobic sealants are exposed to air, they will not harden or cure.

Many companies use anaerobic sealants to lock threaded assemblies. They maintain clamping pressures and prevent the corrosion and loosening of fasteners. When an anaerobic sealant is used between two mating flanges, it prevents the leakage of moisture, gasses, and fluids. Anaerobic gaskets are usually of the formed-in-place type of gasket.

The proper use of these sealants can reduce infrastructure costs, improve equipment reliability, and reduce mechanism breakage. Anaerobic sealants are used extensively in the automotive, cement, roofing, and aerospace industries and are found in tires, glass-works, aquariums, engines, castings, hydraulic systems, and pipe threads. 

PTFE sealant tape, otherwise known as "plumber’s tape", helps to seal threaded connections in pipe systems. Like all anaerobic sealants, PTFE sealants operate within a temperature range of -60˚F to 280˚F. The advantage of using PTFE sealant is that it will not harden while it is being applied, which would prevent a proper bond from occurring. Its anaerobic nature only allows it to harden and cure when air is absent, such as when the joint has been tightened. In addition, PTFE tape prevents threads from interlocking when a pipe joint is unscrewed.

PTFE sealant is used in temperature sensing devices, hydraulic fittings, and air conditioning units. This deformable filler is applied to piping joints within air compression systems, central heating systems, and pressurized water systems. The color-coding of thread lockers indicates their strength. Red or green colors indicate high strength while blue or purple colors are used for low and medium strength applications. One should exercise restraint while using PTFE sealant tape; over-application may prevent threads from locking properly.

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